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Posted: Thu May 25, 2017 5:08 pm
by Red Queen
This Forum was an experiment and you can probably tell we attempted to setup some topics and make posts to determine how the software operates. You must bear with us as managing such a forum is a lot more work than I realized but we will do our best to keep this on track. At this point you have made it past the first challenge which is getting access. We have some security in place like knowing the structure for Benzene to keep the spam bots out. We get a number of registrants each day even though we have the security question (you only get one try) and we have a plug-in which screens IP and email addresses with known spammers which automatically bans 4 out of every 5 registrants. To keep the space free of pictures of kittens and puppies we are requiring registrants to be approved so I apologize if this takes longer than necessary or some folks don't get approved.

Your emails are secure as long as you do not put them in any post so I advise you not display your email address. You can use any moniker you like but know that as administrator I can see who is who. You can use the contact us link to send me messages if you are having any problems. The FAQ link on the tab at the upper left of the forum header has a great deal of helpful information. I hope this will be a place for everyone to share their problems and successes to the benefit of the PAMS AutoGC program.

Red Queen


Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2019 7:53 am
by eekamuffy
One of the first settings new users should take a look at are the notification settings. The default is to keep notifications internal but I would recommend updating some of those settings to email so that you receive an email when special events occur. Here's how:

User name in top right corner -> User Control Panel


Then Board preferences tab -> Edit notification options


Don't hesitate to reach out to an admin if you have any questions or are not receiving emails.